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We believe in loving people for their truest selves. We encourage people’s weird. We celebrate, embrace, and encourage individuality. Thistle & Thorne was born to provide magical and unmatched experiences while catering to the couples who may feel that they don’t fit the “mould” of a cookie-cutter wedding. We’re committed to celebrating all journeys—for every client, on every adventure—and we love creating memories that last. 


(She/Her) Owner, Principal Wedding Planner

Jodie has spent over 15 years in the hospitality industry, a year travelling the world with many shorter stints of local and international travel, and has contributed to over 360 weddings in her career. She launched her independent wedding planning business in June 2018 and has felt privileged to grow her team since then into the family of hard-working and kind hearted women it is today. She feels that her team is one of her greatest achievements in her professional life.

She’s a huge plant nerd and has a minimum of 100 indoor plants at any given time, in addition to her ever-growing veggie garden. She loves to cook, preserve, ferment, and bake… but not as much as she loves to eat (except when she regularly forgets to eat on wedding days). She loves to go dancing, but never in heels, and she generally doesn’t fall asleep before midnight—nobody’s perfect.

I believe weddings are about people. Period. Everything else is a bonus.

Jodie believes that T&T has helped her to find her purpose in life—to love, learn from, and lift up humans. She’s continually blown away by how unique and creative humans can be in their own weird and wonderful ways, and she loves LOVE in all its forms.

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Alex Barboutis

(She/her) PRINCIPAL wedding planner & COORDINATOR

It’s time to plan your special event—and Alex here to help! For as long as Alex can remember she has been designing, building, and executing special occasions from start to finish with a strong love for all things decor. If you’re stuck on a colour scheme or not quite sure how to make orange and blue fit together nicely, then you can count on Alex to help figure that out.

When she isn’t planning events (which is honestly VERY HARD for her to do), she’s taking in the sights and beauty of the world with her beau. She is a lover of travel and the beach, which is essentially her happy place. Having grown up in a Greek and Irish household she developed the natural love for a great meal and a great cup of coffee. We aren’t sure how often one can still fall asleep after three cups of coffee at 10:30 pm, however, somehow she manages!

From beginning, middle, to end, Alex’s goal is to simplify the planning process and work with you to see your event unfold seamlessly.

when ‘I’ becomes ‘we’, and everything in between

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Destinye Garbet

(She/Her) Team Lead, PRINCIPAL wedding COORDINATOR

Destinye comes to us with almost 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector—from wineries to mobile bartending to barista work, Destinye is a total people person. She loves meeting new people and connecting with their personalities to create something that is so “them”. Her calming energy is contagious, and her strengths in problem solving help her to make her client’s wedding days the best day ever.

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jeanne dsouza

(She/her) luxe specialist, wedding concierge

Say hello to Jeanne!  She’s bringing a great deal of expertise in the luxury wedding sector to the  buzzing Vancouver wedding scene.

Jeanne’s been jet-setting around the globe for five whole years, crafting destination weddings that’ll make your heart skip a beat. From the dreamy streets of Rome to the majestic castles of Rajasthan, she’s been there, done that, and nailed it every time. She’s the go-to guru for high rollers and A-listers. With a knack for catering to the most refined tastes and an eye for detail sharper than a diamond, she’s all about making your big day absolutely unforgettable.

Your Wedding team

meet our planners and problem solvers

Krystal MacMillan

(She/Her) Wedding assistant

Krystal comes to us with some small business experience all of her own! When she isn’t hustling with her residential cleaning business Tidy Haven, she’s a loving wife and momma, passionately cheering on her daughter’s dance practises and competitions, as well as her son’s love of martial arts. Many of the Thistle & Thorne team members are lifelong friends of Krystal’s, and she has found a happy home within the T&T crew assisting weddings all over BC with excitement and a smile on her face.

Brittany Moroz

(she/Her) Lead wedding assistant

While Brit studied criminology in university, she also worked for non-profit organizations. Now holding a management role within Corrections in the administrative department, her experience working with offenders has allowed her to perform well under pressure. She’s personable, empathetic, and not afraid to tackle any problem that comes up on a wedding day. Brit loves seeing the connection that couples have, helping their wedding vision come to life, and watching the memories being created.

Contessa McMath

(She/Her) Wedding assistant

Contessa is a Sign Language Interpreter that loves working in a variety of settings and keeping every day a little bit different.
A bit of a romantic, she’s likely to tear up at the “I do’s” but then is always ready to jump in wherever needed to make the day as beautiful and memorable as possible.

Lauren Isbister

(She/Her) Wedding assistant

Lauren joined the T&T crew in 2023 and has already made her mark as a stellar wedding assistant. She’s excited for the season ahead and ready for more adventures!

Brittany Gombots

(She/Her) Wedding assistant

Brittany joined T&T after celebrating her own wedding with Owner, Jodie Garneau as her Lead Planner! She loved planning her wedding so much that she jumped on board for the 2023 season. She’s looking forward to growing within the team, and hopes to one day take on her own weddings as an Associate Planner. With a background in hospitality with over 10 years of experience planning a variety of events as well as a degree in business administration, she is passionate about making wedding visions come true!

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You're planning a BBQ with your favourite people:

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Your friend invites you on a spontaneous and pricey international trip. You think:

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You win an all expense paid 4 day vacation to a private island. Do you:

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You attend a friend's wedding at a local glitzy hotel and you think:

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